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Staying the Course - In the Midst of Turmoil

Nadz Makeup is 9 years old. I should be elated. It is more bittersweet. What many don’t see behind the smiles and gorgeous pictures is that I’ve struggled with confidence in myself. One thing that this pandemic has taught me - be persistent even when you don’t feel like it. If it wasn’t for my faith and always going back to a place of worship and prayer, I would have just said WHATEVER.

So I’ll share some tips to get you through your low seasons as a business owner. This tops the list - Stay close to your faith then -

1. Remember your why

I started out doing makeup on myself way before thinking about makeup on clients. My course at Face Place was to help me do better makeup on myself - or so I thought. The smiles and my clients’ reactions form part of my why. My “why” morphed into the fact that my niche became bridal and that was God strategically placing me with women I need to be praying and interceding for. Even as I type this, there is a urge to continue to cover those I’ve touched with a brush in prayer where marriage is concerned.

2. Do you, don’t be a carbon copy

We have time on our hands

to browse social

media - to our detriment - to compare our work to others. I’ve been there 🤦🏽‍♀️. Do you want to do what everyone else is doing? Who will serve the ones who don’t want what the others are selling. Stop comparing yourself. Spend this time to sharpen your skills

3. Give yourself credit

You are one step ahead than you were yesterday. The pictures here are 6 years apart.

Who would have known in 2014 I struggled with highlight and contour? No one. You get the gist? You may be so busy comparing that you forgot that you are continuously leveling up. No experience is wasted. Remember that where ever you are is an opportunity to live out your purpose.

4. Stay focused

Now is the time to set out your goals and vision for yourself or your business. Start small if you must. What is my vision for myself? What are my short term goals for the next 3 months that can help me to achieve this? List them, then track monthly and weekly to see how you are doing. When you’re this focused on you. There is no time for comparison

5. Celebrate small wins

This is tied to tracking your goals. Even the smallest victories are worth celebrating. So you’re a chronic procrastinator? You wrote a to do list and actually did them - honey that’s a WIN.

So get up, shake off the lethargy. No pity parties.

You started because you were passionate and knew you had something to offer. Take this time to revamp and come out of quarantine on another level.

Love y’all.

See you on my next post

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